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"Perfection of means and confusion of ends seem to characterize our age."
Albert Einstein

Why is such a quote on the page?

Our digital world is becoming more complex and perfect, but sometimes it appears that the technical tools lead us in a direction that may not even be the right path when having a closer look.

I provide information about me and the Family on the Web for many years already, in the beginning based on static web code, now even with a dynamic multilingual content management system.

Although it's really great to gather Information on the Web with lightning speed - but the data flow remains in one direction only.
Communication is talking to each other, which makes us human. Therefore, I would also like to encourage the readers of these pages not only to discover the content of the pages, but also give feedback using the contact form or the guestbook.

On this Website you'll find details about the family, activities, trends, music and video news as well as (hopefully) some articles about current topics. The pages are also editable now for the younger Family members and I hope for support from the rookies.

Enjoy browsing the site - and please do not forget to communicate!

Jörg Zießow

Chaos on the "Autobahn"

  Congestion on A96 again?

Certainly one of the main topics of the last few months and years is the dramatically increased traffic on one of the heavily used Autobahn A96 to Munich.

Since the completion of the so called Ring West (A99) in 2007, traffic has increased up to 25% on A96.

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Featured Audio / Video

  New Introductions

Find some interesting featured audio and video files in this section.

They may be not most recent but in my opinion they are at least worth to watch or to listen to.


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