Here is some general information:

Although I was born in Augsburg, I spent the most time during grow-up in Landsberg (German link). After elementary school I visited a scientific highschool.

After doing some work in an electronic company (mainly electronic rack-mount systems) I decided to visit a drawer high school.

The so-called 'FOS' in Kaufbeuren was a pretty cool school and I wanted to extend my knowledge.

But (like most of the German male citizens) I had to join the German Army and had to spent 3 months in Pinneberg (German link) nearby the city of Hamburg. I had to spend 15 months alltogether in the army and finished end of '89.

I started studying at the University of Applied Sciences (Hochschule Kempten), but interrupted my studying phase due to travelling more than one time. Although the studying time was 'quite long' my favorite interests were radio frequency and plasma technology. The topic of my diploma thesis was about digital communication with satellites.

I am employed since 1997 and meanwhile responsible for IT Systems. Find more about my hobbies on a dedicated page.

Since marriage my wife and myself decided to live together in a small village. We're living there in an easy atmosphere and have nice neighbors. The house will never be finished, but we're constantly working on it. It gets bigger/better step by step. We rebuilt the house in 2002 and my son is living in this new part on the 1st floor meanwhile. Find out more, and check out how it looks like in the image gallery.