Congestion on A96 again?

Certainly one of the main topics of the last few months and years is the dramatically increased traffic on one of the heavily used Autobahn A96 to Munich.

Since the completion of the so called Ring West (A99) in 2007, traffic has increased up to 25% on A96.

In the morning in particular, this route reached its capacity limit, as many report in various Internet forums (e.g. Ammersee Page Forum). A further increase in the number of residents in the surrounding area is predicted for Munich, and traffic will increase in the next few years due to the new Freiham district - will there be space for this on this motorway?

And according to the traffic forecast, it should get worse ...

Nevertheless, the problem has already been addressed and possible causes / solutions have been examined in an interesting  DLR project.

With the expansion of the motorway to six lanes (between the Oberpfaffenhofen junction and Germering-Süd over a length of around nine kilometers), the route meets the requirements for a motorway with a daily traffic volume of up to 89,000 cars in 24 hours (forecast for 2025), so at least the experts.

First, however, the Etterschlag and Eching tunnels had to be brought up to the current safety standard in 2015/2016. Construction work for this had already been underway since 2014. There was a need for the expansion of the motorway due to the necessary changes in traffic routing during the tunnel work, resulting in significant obstructions.

Since 2017, work has been carried out on this project in 3 1/2 years of construction, with the construction of two galleries, the noise protection of the residents next to the motorway was taken care of.

In mid-December 2020 the time had come: Now the traffic between Oberpfaffenhofen and the Kreuz Süd is rolling in 6 lanes.

The autobahn still ends in one lane heading north or south onto the Mittlerer Ring towards Munich. Will longer traffic jams form here?