Here's some information about the family.

Iris and myself are married since 07/04/2003 (independance day - haha!)  - please find some find some pictures in the galleries.

We have two childen:
Nico and Alina - please find more details in the articles below.

We are living in a pretty hamlet in a small house at the outskirts of the village. 

The villages name is Hechenwang and belongs to Windach, a small town in the county of Landsberg/Lech.
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When you ever come by, you're welcome to stop by. Turtle

We have a some special 'pets' at home: Greek turtles. 
One of them is named Bonnie (Sorry, we did not know if the turtle was male or female when we got it, but meanwhile we definitely know that Bonnie's male).

Please check their terrariums, they're fitted with all ne necessary equipment.

By the way: The accelleration speed of turtles is not really quick, but they're faster as you will expect!